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Opening up about how much creativity and optimism is important to our generation is huge. Often not stressed enough. I believe without creativity we wouldn't have as many great inventions that we do so I feel it is very important to promote creativity and optimism.

Growing your mind during times of stress or anger or depression is extremely hard. Sometimes we are so stuck in the moment of what’s happening to us, instead of thinking that it’s happening for us. One of the biggest trials was starting a business during Covid. There was a lot of uncertainty if the world would open back up, but through faith and belief I was able to be creative during the pandemic and learn new skills like editing and content creation. Well Rothstein, we know you by your stage name. Tell us a little about yourself and what exactly it is you do in a nutshell. What team do you have surrounding yourself in regards to the functions of your brand and entity’s? My Name is Stanley Harris and I am the CEO of Casino Gang Records and Rothstein School Of Beatz and on my board is: Jackie Bush: PR and Strategic partnerships ,Dr. Doc Horton: Business and Marketing, Dr. Clinton Robinson III: Education and Leadership, Salima Ramos: Director of Admissions , Arjuna Arthur: Head Of A &R Having like minded people around you is one of the most important things you can have in a strong foundation. They will go based off how you view the world, your beliefs and morals as a person. In your industry, do you believe equality of opportunity is available to whomever pursues a similar path as you. I believe all art is subjective to whoever enjoys what the creative created. I know we have to categorize music in different genres but I believe we all have a space for different types of listeners. It’s not easy to overcome hurdles that are personally affecting you. It interferes with your creative process. It interferes with your motion. There are ways to break through that funk however. Life can be tough at times, but so are you! It's not easy, but we all have to make that decision. It’s hard to stay creative, it’s work! It is hard to stay creative because the internet causes everything to move fast and you don't want to be doing 2012 marketing and promotions in a 2023 world. Nowadays you have to use social media by doing reels to get seen by your followers so you have to keep changing with the times. Finding people who will share not only to our younger generation but also reaching the minds and spirits of any age demographic is EvenRights main desire. To spread an equality mind set, even if your circumstances put you behind the eight ball. Your subconscious mind is your most valuable asset. I have always stated my stance on equality which is that we all are made by God and no one person is better than the next so lets equally support and build each other up instead of always going by what we see. If there were three things you could have done differently, earlier, or better while building your brand, what would it have been? Have more capital instead of self financing, bring in experts to assess my business before opening, and intern with a company that was already in business.

Sometimes we can be stubborn as adults. We’re talking about seasoned adults who have experienced a good amount of life. With wisdom, but still sometimes we carry traits that give us one sided opinions on a lot of things. Taking the time now to cater to a primarily adult audience. What can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth? Don’t be afraid to take the time to understand what the youth like so you can build rapport and show that you are interested in them instead of always trying to talk down to them. Do you believe in the right to bear arms & how important do you think it is to be able to do so? I believe every legal, law-abiding citizen should be able to protect themselves and bear arms, but we need more education on how to safely store guns so kids are not able to access them. As well as training people to de-escalate situations while carrying a gun. Taking the guns out of peoples hands is not the way to go in our society today. Guns help save peoples lives, however misuse of any weapon can be devastating to our society. Do you think educational tutorials for police officers of how equality, creativity and optimism may be able to help better their decision making they are forced to make in the field. Yes I believe training officers how to make a logical decision while under pressure is vital because we have seen many situations go bad due to poor decision making or prejudices. Now jumping back into our school district, what are ways where we can improve. Starting young is there anything more that we can be teaching our younger generation. To get them ahead in the way they think; their mindsets. We know there are plenty of prestigious schools, however for the schools who don’t have the upper financial support, how can we strengthen the curriculum with more life awareness skills and strategies? We need to teach more credit education as well as life skills such as how to change a tire or how to build a house or even how to cook so we can stop eating out so much as a country. It is good to memorize the periodic table but I'm not using that in my day to day life. We sometimes look at prison as a bad thing. For a majority of people, it’s actually something that really benefited them. Sometimes prison can be glorified as well and our younger generation should not glorify anything that has not rehabilitated their mental state of mind for the better. However, would you support the bill to eliminate private prisons? I believe if there are going to be private prisons, it should really give the people mental health support and counseling to help understand why people make the decisions they do, and how they can make better choices if they are able to return back to society. But if they are going to be just as bad as the others then they need to close.

EvenRights is a platform where finding people from all walks of life, age, race and location demographics and even financial boundaries are what we seek to find as many different answers as we can. We asked Music Artist Saura how do you feel creativity and optimism is important to our generation? Creativity is the starting point of all great things in life. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you specialize in, there is a common ground that all ‘creatives’ have and it sparks a wildfire of imagination. Optimism is as important now as it has been since time began. The difference between the average person and the dreamer is optimism, it’s the way they think, it’s the driving force inside them which allows for thoughts to become actions - this should not be lost with time.

Now not everyone will see eye to eye, but we can all agree to have an opinion. We can all agree to have a decision, we can all agree to have the traits of creativity and optimism. We can all agree that we were brought into this world from a woman. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with issues or hurdles in life. Its important to EvenRights that we get out as many examples of overcoming issues and trials of tribulations.

Saura, how have you overcome a trial and tribulation as an artist using creativity and optimism? The field of music is one of the most saturated places to work/live in. It is one of the most tiring places to be in. If you really want something, I believe the journey will drain you, but what keeps you going is the little wins along the way, I view these as little deposits of energy to keep me going. I have lost my way so many times (mentally) as an artist due to the questions of ‘is this really even worth it?’, ‘will anyone actually listen to me?’, ‘how do I know i’m not just wasting my time here?’ constantly staring me in the face. This is where optimism and belief in your creativity to just do that performance, just go to the studio, just write that song, just contact that DJ for that chance to get radio play really comes in need.

It's such a way of life that you need to master when you are mentally in the mind set of treating others how you want to be treated . Doing good business even with the person spending the least amount of money with you. Respecting the janitor as you would the CEO. Never judging anyone from their skin color, sex or religion. At times it is easy to forget, but in order to push our young generation to better opportunity's or even an abundance of resources, it starts with the belief of respect and equality. What are your beliefs of how we can all be characterized as equal, being we all have the trait of being creative and optimistic. I agree - I believe that every human has the ability to harness these two attributes as they are human traits. They do not come as naturally to some as others and this is why I believe that not everybody is a ‘creative’. There are certain people that want to be the forward force of constant change and progression in a specific industry, be it fashion, music, cinematography, acting, poetry, nature, art, etc. They are all different but alike as creativity is at the root of them all.

Often times people see the end result and want just that. Not everyone is willing to accept the challenges that come with the goal they want to achieve. Its important to know that we all have our own cross to carry. We can all have our own accomplishments and our own success if we accept the accountability you must have any goal . How hard is it to stay creative and what would you say to somebody experiencing this same issue. Being creative and staying creative are two separate things entirely. It’s easy for someone to start a task, but to ensure the goal is met requires determination and passion. My best advice to anyone reading this who may one day find it hard to stay on the path is to remember when and why you started. The ‘when’ will show you that you’re either being too hard on yourself because you haven’t allowed yourself to mature and blossom into something great yet, or it will show you how much you have done already. The ‘why’ is the most important as it allows you to reconnect with your younger and former-self, the dreamer, the aspirational individual who wasn’t phased by the competition and decided to go for it anyway. The answer to both of these questions should be celebrated regularly.

It never stops here. it starts with us embedding this way of thinking in our DNA. At least that's the goal for EvenRights, to have people take away jewels to apply to their everyday life. Will equality be something your brand will promote after this publication ? Equality should have always been the staple of society. My branding as an artist is ‘SweetSavage’ and this demonstrates the balance between two opposites. Whether it be light and dark, good and bad or love and hate, it is the apparent oxymoron of life that every human faces at some point. My music is geared to strike a balance between the two and to allow them to co-exist. For example, not every bad action has bad intentions and so it could have been done for a good reason - it is the ability to understand this which will allow individuals to better communicate and grow. Taking my branding as an example of my outlook on life, it all starts with the willingness to understand one another and then applying this in everyday situations to find the equilibrium which will lead us to a harmonious life as equals.

After speaking with Ang Amaya publicist for Saura it was apparent his team was extremely well thought out and had a natural chemistry. Good structure is the outcome of great results. His main Dj being the well known Dj Ice Mike , main recording engineer Levelle London, main producer AndImRightHere and his main sponsor

House of Kings.

Its safe to say his team has the compacity to accomplish moving mountains I have a relatively small team but there is a whole lot of work that gets done and that is a credit to the hard work that goes into my brand every day. From exposure, to radio play, to sponsorships from great individuals and businesses who believe in my vision, it is amazing to know that I can touch the hearts of many who feel comfortable enough to pack a bag and join me on my journey if the values I display match their own. There are always things we can do better in the future . Understanding your craft and perfecting it until you cant get it wrong is what separate's the professionals from the armatures If there were three things you could have done different, earlier , or better while building your brand . What would it have been? It would be to act as a professional from early stages. There is a lot of competition and only the fierce will survive. The aim is for people to take you seriously and this can only happen if you believe in yourself and so it needs to look like that. There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence, this is something I’ve always understood and been good at living in the middle of. I have always known that I’ve had a talent, I was just too modest in thinking that I wasn’t ready to trial this or to attempt that, and in doing that I have let a few opportunities pass me by, but the truth is, nobody is going to take the step for you. It has to be you and it has to be now!

Taking the time to cater to a primarily adult audience. What can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth. I would say that as adults have lived more life than the youth and have a better grasp on how things have been and how they have now progressed, they should do more to celebrate these changes and point out the injustices as much as possible. Children grow up to be like their parent most times, this means that they believe you to be right in every instance because why would you lie to them? There is a power in ensuring that the knowledge instilled in a child is correct and just, as this will follow them for life. The truth is, I believe that the youth are the only ones that can truly change the world.

Do you believe in the right to bear arms & how important do you think it is to be able to do so in this day and age. I will never believe this is ok and I will never believe in the need to do so, whether it be for defense or attack. The whole existence of arms gave an unfair advantage to those that wielded swords/shields and spears and since this time, the nature of arms hasn’t changed as it is still typically the disadvantaged that suffer. I’m from London where bearing arms is illegal (even though the gun crime here is still insane) but I couldn’t imagine walking outside knowing that anyone and everyone is allowed to have a gun ‘just incase’.

How can we strengthen the curriculum of schools with more life awareness skills and strategies . I'm a huge advocate of introducing basic but essential lessons to the school curriculum WORLDWIDE. This would include; budgeting lessons, understanding tax, living away from home and the struggles that you may face, the importance of savings/how to save money, what career progression in a workplace could look like (with an estimated timescale included), techniques on how to negotiate, increased awareness of sexual health, understanding what cultural ignorance is and how to avoid it (perhaps more long-haul school trips to different countries), understanding what equality is and how your generation can help, etc. These are just a few examples but I believe that all of the above was not taught to me in great detail and I had to just learn once I was in these situations which I should have and could have been better prepared for.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Ky Richy’s morals and principles are clear as day. It’s also extremely clear to see how talented he is. Being only a music artist is an understatement. From videography, a fashion designer and an amazing father .

Ky Richy Has expresses his creativity through a vast amount of outlets . His live show is a must watch, as he performs with his band . His most recent project release , “No Sad Faces” has had a huge impact on the music sound of 2022.

We asked Ky Richy How do you feel creativity and optimism is important to our generation?

I feel creativity and optimism means everything to our generation. I think it promotes the best way of living, and I think if we can preach the importance of this it will really help guide this lost generation to a greater calling in life.

The three albums out on the I tunes plattform, makes it safe to say Ky Richy’s work ethic is on 100! We understand that people in the world have nothing else but their creativity. It’s the one thing we all have in common. To the miss understood and less privileged, always know that for every great person there is a cross to carry.

It’s not easy to stay creative, it’s not always the first thing that some people think to be in tough trials and tribulations .

How have you overcome a trial and tribulation as a company using creativity and optimism?

Creativity and Optimism has literally saved my life. From losing family members to struggling with life long addiction and depression, I don’t know how else I would have been able to overcome these low points in my life without being able to express myself through art. Being able to turn negative situations into healthy positive outcomes means everything to me and my progress as an artist, as a father, and as a human being. If you can take any situation and use it as fuel to inspire and accomplish your goals, then you are truly unstoppable!

The beautiful thing to think about is the only thing stopping you is you . WE CAN ALL BE GREAT! is EvenRights motto . The grind is a beautiful thing, every great person had to work countless hours to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Mastering your craft takes practice, it’s all about what YOU do to master your craft .

What are your Beliefs of how we can all be characterized as equal beings as humans. That we all have the trait of being creative and optimistic.

I believe we should only be judged by our willingness to grow as human beings and help one

another progress to accomplish all of our goals. Regardless of the hand we were dealt, I believe we are all created equal, we all have 24hrs in a day, and we all have the opportunity to go out in the world and do great things!

The old saying sometimes you have to do something you’ve never done to get some thing you’ve never had. This plays a huge role in staying creative, sometimes you need to work as harder than you ever have before in order to come up with ways to stay creative to stay creative. It’s all about how much effort will you put into figuring out what it is you need to do to mentally physically and emotionally put your mind state in a creative space.

How hard is it to stay creative and what would you say to somebody experiencing this same issue.

It can be very hard to stay creative at all times, especially in this fast paced day of age. Creativity can come to you at random times, even for the most brilliant of creatives, and it doesn't always meet deadlines. Sometimes you have to push through those rough days when things just aren’t clicking. You have to remain optimistic and do things that help spark ideas or put. you are in a creative place of thinking. Some days it will all come to you, other days not so easy. It’s important to know these rough patches are temporary and all part of the process & our journey. I think people are afraid to fail and that anxiousness can lead to procrastination or even impulsiveness. Although it is this very same process of trial and error that can make you stronger as a creative, and ultimately help you learn more about yourself to bring your best work!

Sometimes people doubt you until I see you succeed. When that occurs the only thing that matters is what you believe. By never letting anyone else’s fears, doubts or insecurities project your outcome will bring you closer to your goals. EvenRights believes never judging anyone by their sex race or financial income or religion beliefs is very important to teach our younger generation.

Will equality be something your brand will promote after this blog/interview ?

My brand has always promoted equality in the sense that at any given moment, any given person, can do any given thing. We are all capable of great things and I believe the Ky Richy brand promotes self awareness of our strengths and the idea that anything is possible and everyone has the opportunity to do amazing things in their life.

Please share with us your brand and business partners and team members of your brand . What it takes to function your operation.

The Ky Richy brand consists of myself the artist (creative), manager & booking agent Conrad Cosby, audio engineer Pete Space, live sound engineer Anthony Suarez, Drummer Travis Maresca, Guitarist Dustin Woelk, Operations Manager Hannah Aki, Producers (Makii, Sagii, River, Darz) and of course my PR team Raffi Keuhnelian of MPT & Laron Bailey of Even Rights.

It is a team effort to operate the Ky Richy brand and I am forever grateful for the creative group I am blessed to collaborate with. Everyone works so hard at their craft / position and it is very reassuring to have the brand in the hands of this team!

Sometimes we think of what we could’ve done , or what we should’ve done however thinking of the solution is the most important, thinking of the achieved is the most motivational. However learning from your passes is also very important for just about anybody.

If there were three things you could have done different, earlier , or better while building your brand . What would it have been?

I think a lot of people don’t truly believe in themselves enough or the movement they are trying

to push, and it will show. My younger self struggled with that and in return I lost myself to uncertainty and ultimately my addictions. I wish I would have taken things more seriously at a younger age. I always believed in myself and knew I was capable of accomplishing anything I wanted, but was I willing to really set my mind to it and make the sacrifices necessary to succeed? The answer was no. It took years and many life experiences to find this self discipline and mindset, lay the groundwork, and build a foundation for my brand. It took maturing into the artist, father, and man I am today for me to finally figure it out. Sobriety, Faith, Sacrifice and hard work, my personal recipe for success!

Just as we can all be great, we can also all learn. The power of knowledge is truly important sometimes so important that it can save a life. Passing down the knowledge that we learn from the adult generation to the younger generation is very key. Taking the time to cater to a primarily adult audience. What can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth?

I think education and conversation is everything, to be able to discuss these things in a positive and healthy way. I myself as an artist try to promote that being vulnerable is okay in the sense that the “coolest” thing you can do is be yourself and find peace and balance in your life. For example, I talk about my addictions, becoming a father, and the balance between my family and my career in my music. It’s authentic, it's true to me, and I think people ultimately resonate with that over trying to fabricate things to fit a mold of what is “cool” so to speak.

It’s important that we hold not only others accountable, it’s also important for everyone to hold themself accountable.

Do you think educational tutorials for police officers of how equality, creativity and optimism may be able to better decision making officers are forced to make in the field. Yes I believe that the new curriculum in the forces that promotes the importance of equality, creativity, and optimism could help benefit our officers to serve and protect in the best way possible. I don’t know exactly what is taught, so it is hard for me to speak on the matter, but I do see a need for improvement and it all starts with conversations and more education to shed light on these subjects.

The tobacco industry is constantly frowned upon in commercials. Do you think people have a choice whether to smoke tobacco or not? Or is there something that influences them beyond measure to even become addicted.

Substances have had a major effect on my life, and I believe they are the main reason I am not exactly where I want to be in life. I feel my addictions have held me back so much but I am forever thankful and blessed for my new found sobriety and the strength I find in myself each and every day to stay away from drugs and alcohol that once consumed my life. That being said, I personally have turned to coffee (caffeine) and cigarettes (nicotine) as vices that have replaced my more serious bad habits. Although it has helped me in recovery, I do hope to quit these vices as well to live completely free of the vices that consume me. EvenRights supports education in general. If there’s ever any room for improvement it should be discussed. If there’s ever any room to add knowledge to the youth upbringing it should be talked about. Never taking away from what all the teachers go through and the knowledge that is taught outside the school curriculum of any school. To take more life awareness skills and apply them to school curriculum would only help equipped our children with another form of knowledge that would only be a positive impact in their lives.

How can we strengthen the curriculum of schools with more life awareness skills and strategies.

Yes! I am a strong believer in the need for change in our school system / curriculum. Not every child learns the same! I personally am a visual learner and I struggled in school because I have ADHD and could not retain information easily. It was really hard on me, and dealing with that and struggling socially in school really made me not want to attend. I stayed home a lot just focusing on my creative skills and building knowledge on things that have now got me further in life than anything I ever learned in school. I wish the school system would better prepare us for the world we live in!

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