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Drae the barber shares his thoughts on 16 year old Camran Tucker being suspended for cutting hair.

Edited By: Tiffany Spriggs

Drae the Barber has established himself as a top notch Barber with his persistence of professionalism, class and authenticity. World Class Fader is the barbershop Drae currently works out of, located in Sacramento, California. Taking a liking to his abstract hair cuts, it’s been no coincidence why his brand is growing so rapidly. Coining himself

King Lewi” as a brand after spending time being incarcerated, Drae’s natural energy has acted as a source of wisdom to others around him.

Drae’s spirit has the faith of Jesus showcased through his ministry for the past 3 years at Pentecost Fellowship Church. Along with 30 years of attending the congregation, Drae speaks highly of his Pastor

Tamara Bennett and her husband and Elder of the congregation Quentin Bennett.

Recently a 16 year old young man named Camran Tucker was suspended from high school for a day for cutting hair in the barbershop.

Drae’s response in regards to the matter was straight forward, “Why would he be suspended! What is the expectation of your kids? When teaching everything you're teaching them, why suspend a kid for doing what you're teaching him!”

Now we all know overcoming trials and tribulations can be difficult. However, being creative and optimistic, Drae found a way to get out of a situation with his recent 9-5 job. After the struggle of being concerned with the structure his 9-5 job not serving his true purpose. Drae knew there was something better out there for him, something that would make him happy. He did what was necessary for him to remove himself, from any doubt or failures and take a chance to remove himself and head in the direction of where he truly wanted to be. Drae gathered the money he needed to put towards the school education he needed in order to excel to where he is today.

Asking a question a lot of people are afraid to answer, we asked Drae, would he be opposed to eliminating private prisons? Drae answered, “I think it’s unfair for someone who has committed a crime and you judge them publicly, and then you send them to a private prison? To me, private systems separate themselves from the judicial system.”

Drae is pretty straight forward but still very humble. That power at any age is extremely valuable. It’s extremely important we teach our youth the power of respecting space, the power of creativity and optimism. Understanding that each and everyone of us holds the power to get through anything in our unique way.

That makes us equal, Drae added to that and said

“Our future is in our youth. Based off how they approach life, is what our future is gonna look like.

Anticipation and evolution is in the form of creativity and optimism. New ways of cutting hair, new ways of driving, etc.”

Overall equality seems to fall short across a lot of categories within America’s system. However, speaking of it in terms of the Judicial system, as a convicted felon you can no longer hold the right to bare arms, to protect your family from a burglar and possibly save his or her life in the case of immediate danger. Drae made some interesting statements from

His point of view.

“I can’t protect myself. I can’t survive. You put me back out into a world that challenges that so therefore I should be able to be equipped with that. Now, yeah I understand there’s a potential I’ve shown you a trace of me being a criminal. I can understand that now you have a reason to think I’m going to commit something. However you gotta give me that opportunity to prove that right or wrong if you’re going to release me back into the community/society, give me society access.”

With all the traumatic measures that have been inflicted on our communities. Understanding the necessities of life and the importance of that is at an all time high. Understanding financial literacy and health education starts in our youth. Therefore, pinpointing the younger generations to learn and understand the way the system works is tremendously important. How can we strengthen the curriculum of schools with more life awareness skills and strategies?

Drae: “I think religion, I think that’s important. I think so because it helps you get different perspectives.”

Do you think there is a form of education that could be delegated to police officers as a refreshments in education courses. In which we could program different forms of approach by police officers to the community on how equality, creativity and optimism may be able to help better their decision making they are forced to make in the field?

Drae: “I think it’s in everything else, so if cops got routine tutorial videos and classes that would be a quick efficient way to make sure that our officers have more understanding of what today’s situations are that we are all facing. Help them understand what your community is dealing with. Then it would eliminate a lot of decors “guessing” a officer may have to deal with in the field.

It won’t be as much second-guessing going on if you are already in an understanding Environment you are suppose to keep safe.”

To anyone out there carrying their own cross and the communities constantly being faced with multiple hurdles, it is not easy being creative and staying optimistic during tough times.

Drae can relate in regards of his rebuttal.

“Today has so much demand for creativity. Today you got so much creativity coming from different angles. It’s an every day challenge to brand or rebrand yourself.”

The smartest thing you can do is never give up. There will be hurdles, there will be times that the universe seems to be working against you. It’s on YOU to use your creative ideas to further your mind set and then body! It’s on YOU to be optimistic about your situation and find the positives through and with solutions.

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