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Routine is Key

Edited by: Tiffany Spriggs

For the consistent and tunnel visionary's specifically, explains Impala Beats strictly. Her ambition stems from pure love for her craft as a music producer. She and her creative director, Vicki, make an extreme powerhouse for building Impala's brand as a whole—selling beats through her beat store

Her ambition, mixed with her consistency, has not only brought her a financial reward but notoriety with a strong awareness of her being a high-quality music producer. We asked Impala, what are your​ beliefs about how we can all be equal?​ Impala responds, "We are all equal! There are initially different possibilities for people. But I am convinced that if you work hard and strive for your goal, everything will work out. We all have talents. You need to be able to reveal them."

Impala's routine of staying active in the Gym has made fitness another outlet for Impala to remain not only consistent but in shape and mentally at peace.

The Russian native producer has reached across different parts of the world. She started in Miami and worked her way to Los Angeles, where she grew her network and brand as a producer.

Maintaining consistency in your personal life must be hard to stay creative with your brand, what would you say to somebody experiencing this same issue?

Impala excitedly says, “Do not give up! I would tell em, everyone has problems. You just need to stick to the intended path in your career.”

It is good to take the positive chance you may be afraid of taking. Go after whatever you want in this life with a consistent mindset. A positive change may be a new job opportunity, a way of thinking, or a healthier diet. The positive change may even be a fear you have yet to conquer.

However, that positive change may be the one you need to take to change your entire life. A great thing to do is think of the solution and focus only on how to turn the problem into an opportunity to take up new spaces and mindsets.

Impala How have you overcome a trial and tribulat