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Finding the Light in the Darkest of Times

Written by: Laron Bailey

Edited by: Kellie O'Brien

Sometimes mistakes place us in higher understandings of life. The mistake Hunnidbal Neno is currently paying for in San Quentin State Prison has given him time to reflect. No matter the circumstances, he never feels the need to change his amazing genuine outlook on life. We all make mistakes, however WE CAN ALL BE GREAT!

How do you feel creativity and optimism is important to promote to our generation?

Very important. Innovation is mostly important. It’s always important to stay creative and optimistic during most seasons of life.

“Without those pieces to the puzzle it's hard to set yourself apart from the norm and continue to be motivated while doing so. There will be good and bad days with promoting your content but you can't let the bad days hold you down.”

This is so therapeutic to write about someone in such a dark place, yet that person has so much light in their spirit. DJ MELI MEL will tell you first hand from being one of Hunnidball Neno’s close friends for many years, that his spirit seems to be one that loves to put people in unity . Working with a handful of artists, not just in Sacramento, but all throughout California has brought him a ton of support from his peers as he goes through the hurdle he is leaping over now.

How have you overcome a trial and tribulation as a company using creativity and optimism? If so what ?

Just keeping the viewers eyes fresh! You have to step outside your comfort zone and be the person outside of the box instead of repeating the methods of everyone inside of it.

Like you could just post your cover art and say check out my new song...or you could go inside the mall with a bottle of champagne and pop and spray the bottle and record it for your followers! Trust me they'll like the excitement because you're doing things they'd never do!

There’s a lot of people in the world who say they will live by the words they preach. Very few do so, however it is encouraging when we can get such positive answers from questions asked about equality from someone in such a dark space in life. While some may see this space as the lowest of the lowest, others may call it the best thing to ever happen to them. It’s amazing to get answers to things like, “what are your beliefs of how we can all be characterised as equal, being that all have the trait of being creative and optimistic?”

Honestly partnerships are cool and being considered equal is okay within your camp. Just think, a boss isn't going to act like an associate.

When no answer is a wrong answer because everyone has their own opinion, it gives everyone a voice, no matter your situation , sex , race , disability or beliefs . We all have our own views of life, and sometimes we can relate to people . However, to know that when you don’t relate to anyone in some way somehow that makes you special .

How hard is it to stay creative with your brand and what would you say to somebody experiencing this same issue?

It's only as hard as you make it. Things get better with consistency. You've got to keep it going.

It’s such a great feeling when you're able to make people think for the better to help make the world a better place. We asked HunnidBall Neno,

“Will equality be something your brand will promote after this blog/interview and why?” And we get answers like

It could be.. I wouldn't mind incorporating equality into my future work.

This gives this article such a healing and refreshing piece of content . Fully embracing the aspect of HunnidBall Neno wanting to promote equality and creativity even in his situation as it stands now. The main ones in HunnidBall Neno’s circle include Meli Mel who primarily contributes to his brand, and operation HunnidBall Records which also incorporates TokyoQuinn and his artist JPop

It takes constant work everyday. We’re talking and figuring out new moves and goals to succeed.

If there were three things you could have done differently, earlier , or better while building your brand What would it have been ?


Started earlier. That's it. That's all.

Taking the time to cater to a primarily adult audience. What can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth?

Keep working together! Post each other's work and accomplishments. Show selflessness!

It states that after being a felon you can’t own a firearm.

Do believe in the right to bear arms & how important do you think it is to be able to do so

I mean to each his own honestly. I'm serving time for a shooting case right now.. so all I can say is be prepared for what comes with it.

Police brutality is nothing new, and good police are nothing new either. We have to make that clear , good police fight for us as well as play basketball in the middle of the street with our kids on a hot sunny day.

If we’re talking about EvenRights, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, PERIOD.

Do you think educational tutorials for police officers of how equality, creativity and optimism would be able to help better their decision making they are forced to make in the field?

Man. The police are something different. They'll make the right choices if they choose. Some would take it seriously. Others would call it bullshit. You know how that goes.

How can we strengthen the curriculum of schools with more life awareness skills and strategies?

Just being more active with the schools. Especially if you make it exciting for the kids to remember!

Would you support the bill to eliminate private prisons?

I would. No doubt!

No matter our mistakes , we can always give our hearts and minds to the positive light .

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