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Don’t be afraid to take the time to understand what the youth like so you can build rapport.

Opening up about how much creativity and optimism is important to our generation is huge. Often not stressed enough. I believe without creativity we wouldn't have as many great inventions that we do so I feel it is very important to promote creativity and optimism.

Growing your mind during times of stress or anger or depression is extremely hard. Sometimes we are so stuck in the moment of what’s happening to us, instead of thinking that it’s happening for us. One of the biggest trials was starting a business during Covid. There was a lot of uncertainty if the world would open back up, but through faith and belief I was able to be creative during the pandemic and learn new skills like editing and content creation. Well Rothstein, we know you by your stage name. Tell us a little about yourself and what exactly it is you do in a nutshell. What team do you have surrounding yourself in regards to the functions of your brand and entity’s? My Name is Stanley Harris and I am the CEO of Casino Gang Records and Rothstein School Of Beatz and on my board is: Jackie Bush: PR and Strategic partnerships ,Dr. Doc Horton: Business and Marketing, Dr. Clinton Robinson III: Education and Leadership, Salima Ramos: Director of Admissions , Arjuna Arthur: Head Of A &R Having like minded people around you is one of the most important things you can have in a strong foundation. They will go based off how you view the world, your beliefs and morals as a person. In your industry, do you believe equality of opportunity is available to whomever pursues a similar path as you. I believe all art is subjective to whoever enjoys what the creative created. I know we have to categorize music in different genres but I believe we all have a space for different types of listeners. It’s not easy to overcome hurdles that are personally affecting you. It interferes with your creative process. It interferes with your motion. There are ways to break through that funk however. Life can be tough at times, but so are you! It's not easy, but we all have to make that decision. It’s hard to stay creative, it’s work! It is hard to stay creative because the internet causes everything to move fast and you don't want to be doing 2012 marketing and promotions in a 2023 world. Nowadays you have to use social media by doing reels to get seen by your followers so you have to keep changing with the times. Finding people who will share not only to our younger generation but also reaching the minds and spirits of any age demographic is EvenRights main desire. To spread an equality mind set, even if your circumstances put you behind the eight ball. Your subconscious mind is your most valuable asset. I have always stated my stance on equality which is that we all are made by God and no one person is better than the next so lets equally support and build each other up instead of always going by what we see. If there were three things you could have done differently, earlier, or better while building your brand, what would it have been? Have more capital instead of self financing, bring in experts to assess my business before opening, and intern with a company that was already in business.

Sometimes we can be stubborn as adults. We’re talking about seasoned adults who have experienced a good amount of life. With wisdom, but still sometimes we carry traits that give us one sided opinions on a lot of things. Taking the time now to cater to a primarily adult audience. What can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth? Don’t be afraid to take the time to understand what the youth like so you can build rapport and show that you are interested in them instead of always trying to talk down to them. Do you believe in the right to bear arms & how important do you think it is to be able to do so? I believe every legal, law-abiding citizen should be able to protect themselves and bear arms, but we need more education on how to safely store guns so kids are not able to access them. As well as training people to de-escalate situations while carrying a gun. Taking the guns out of peoples hands is not the way to go in our society today. Guns help save peoples lives, however misuse of any weapon can be devastating to our society. Do you think educational tutorials for police officers of how equality, creativity and optimism may be able to help better their decision making they are forced to make in the field. Yes I believe training officers how to make a logical decision while under pressure is vital because we have seen many situations go bad due to poor decision making or prejudices. Now jumping back into our school district, what are ways where we can improve. Starting young is there anything more that we can be teaching our younger generation. To get them ahead in the way they think; their mindsets. We know there are plenty of prestigious schools, however for the schools who don’t have the upper financial support, how can we strengthen the curriculum with more life awareness skills and strategies? We need to teach more credit education as well as life skills such as how to change a tire or how to build a house or even how to cook so we can stop eating out so much as a country. It is good to memorize the periodic table but I'm not using that in my day to day life. We sometimes look at prison as a bad thing. For a majority of people, it’s actually something that really benefited them. Sometimes prison can be glorified as well and our younger generation should not glorify anything that has not rehabilitated their mental state of mind for the better. However, would you support the bill to eliminate private prisons? I believe if there are going to be private prisons, it should really give the people mental health support and counseling to help understand why people make the decisions they do, and how they can make better choices if they are able to return back to society. But if they are going to be just as bad as the others then they need to close.

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