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Meet Rachel Scott!

Rachel is a Bay Area native who studied at the National Holistic Institute for massage therapy and holistic health education. She is unique in her training from Eastern and Western modalities and incorporates both in her practice. She just added Eastern cupping as well. Rachel is a funny, upbeat and giggly lady who has been actively involved in the EvenRights movement in promoting equality, creativity and optimism.


Rachel, everything sounds amazing but what's Eastern cupping?


Did you see Michael phelps with the rings on his back during the olympics?



Rachel: That is the after effects of cupping! So it is a vacuum cup that goes along the meridians of your body. If Accupuncture and deep tissue massage had a baby, that's cupping. The sunction cups bring all of the toxins to the surface of the body. Benefits include: breaking adhesions in muscle tissue (breaking up knots), increase blood flow, sedate the nervous system (which is great if you have high blood pressure), cellulite, anxiety, fatigue, stiff muscles and rheumatism. You will look like you had a rough night with an octopus for a couple days though, as it does leave round purple/red rings where the cups were placed...haha


How do you feel Promoting equality creativity & optimism has a positive change in today's generation. ?


Well I help people everyday feel better in their own skin! It's great getting to connect and meet so many new different people, but all connected by the fact of wanting to improve your body. By promoting good health, knowledge of self, and good energy all together optimism follows. I try to tell people to think of it as an oil change for your body, the longer you wait the worse it gets. Promoting optimistic change in today's generation through holistic health care would be a dream!


So what is a Shiatsu massage?


It's an eastern modality that incorporates joint mobilization, circulation, and stretches. It's fully clothed too, so it kinda feels like I'm doing yoga on you without you having to do anything. I would recommend wearing estrechhhhyyyyy pants haha

Laron :Even rights promotes creativity and Optimism being an owner of a brand how hard is it to remain creative and optimistic?


I don't find it too hard because I love what I do. I'm a creative person so I like to tap into that by learning new techniques/modalities to gain more knowledge for my work. As far as optimism, I refer to myself asa “vibe regulator” haha I'm here to make ya feel good, and relax so I always have to be optimistic and regulate the vibe so people can do that.

"Atiya Owens" the 30 year old San Francisco resident and her business brand " Ms.Supper Cosmo" as a beautician has been a great asset to our EvenRights Lauren Lee Collaboration. Her work as a professional beautician has pushed her to understanding how having a positive, equality and creative mindset in life can benefit you financially as well as mentally .

"Today's generation seems to be okay with whatever the trends are and not really that interested in setting them. By promoting creativity and optimism about life/art people can become more happy and when you're happy you smile more".

Even rights promotes creativity and Optimism being an owner of a brand how hard is it to remain creative and optimistic?

"Nothing is built overnight. There is this unseen process of ups, downs, stagnant moments, etc that happens with all brands during the growth phase. I understand the process and look forward to my brand's growth".

Last min changes in our schedule did not allow us to be fully prepared for a new hairstylist for the EvenRights Lauren Lee Collaboration "Ms. Supper Cosmo "was more than extraordinary . The team made this collaboration an exciting and magical experience. When calling on Ms Supper Cossmo's exportise last minute she was at attention and in formation along with the rest of the team. Photographer's production team Milly M, Adam Nesheim, Nathan Oliveria and East Bay Studios .

What are your thoughts on everyone being equal with creativity & optimism but being afraid to believe in them self? Adding, what would you tell someone asking you for advise on this situation?

"We can not be afraid to believe in ourselves, your spark deserves to shine. My advice is to not be afraid to look at yourself and know yourself. To understand you can live doing what makes you happy or live dreaming about doing what makes you happy".

"My creativity has made me better for myself because in order to put a plan in motion you need a start and a finish. You have to be able to see it, to visualize it. Doubt. You know those questions. Am I good enough? Will they like me? I had to remember to believe in me. We are all original and individually we all have something to offer".

The Orlando shooting with mass casualties after gun man opens fire in gay nightclub will leave us no choice but to do whatever we can to make a difference . Choosing to promote equality creativity and optimism to make a difference to come up with a solution is the only way we will be doing our part, "producing any solution" is a solution .

"Coming from a female's perspective and position I am in,

I feel that sending the message of positivity and striving for your goals regardless of your circumstances, is a much happier and brighter view point than what this generation is used to."

Its always good running into Dj Shellheart , she has a powerful, positive, charismatic attitude which ignites her creativity . The bisexual 25 year old DJ from Richmond Ca, attended Berkeley High school before attending Laney College.

"I can testify to once being afraid told I won't amount to anything, and I remained positive and found my passion and that is to be a DJ.

Even when I feel like no one is supportive , I was always told to give the people what they want and if you put out good energy or products, you receive that positive feedback.

I believe that everyone has a purpose on earth."

Shellhart is well familiar with the Bay Area music scene doing collaboration events compilations and Etc.with Bay Area Heavy hitters , Symba, Rbcbugzy , Rexxliferaj & Female Flame artist KayBellz.

What struggles have you gone through in life where your optimistic attitude made you power through tough times?

" ​My "life" has been a struggle, I've bounced from house to house, not having the support of family and 'friends', going days without eating, just being at my lowest. I've always told myself to remain POSITIVE. I always kept a smile on my face and never showed what was really my struggle. I always had HEART and stayed hungry and wanting more for myself. Now I am in a better place in my life then anybody thought I would be and people show me love now, who didn't back then. I just remained myself and now look at me!"

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