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Audio engineer Pete Rodriguez is beyond experienced. With so much experience comes the quality of his craft . EvenRights began managing Pete, helping create versatile content in order to expand the marketing of his services and continue the building of his brand. Opening up, Pete tells EvenRights how he feels about creativity, equality, and optimism which are the bases of our mission.

EvenRights: How do you feel creativity and optimism is important to our generation?

Pete: Optimism is crucial to the creative process. When you are on an up, it’s a blessing to share that with the world. Even when things are down, it’s that spirit that will not let you lose.

EvenRights: How have you overcome any trials and/or tribulations as a company using creativity and optimism?

Pete: Just understanding that music is always evolving gives me the mindset to make sure I look at the process from all relevant angles. I’m still learning as I transition from studio owner to freelance engineering. But again, keeping that optimistic spirit allows me to move through challenges as smoothly as possible.

EvenRights: What are your beliefs of how we can all be characterized as equal beings? As humans we all have the ability to be creative and optimistic.

Pete: It’s definitely a must. It carries over into music. You may have some of your most prolific moments working with an artist who has little or no experience. We all breathe the same air and all can benefit from the dedication to the craft. I was taught as a kid to treat the janitor with the same respect you’d treat the CEO and back then I didn’t really understand it. But as an adult it’s stuck with me. While someone may be more talented or have more money than somebody else, that doesn’t make them worth more as a person.

EvenRights: How hard is it to stay creative and what would you say to somebody experiencing this same issue?

Pete: I’ll be honest, I am mostly creative when working directly with someone or a team. I find it hard for me to create alone. It’s not that I can’t, it’s I just prefer the energy of real-time human interaction.

EvenRights: If there were three things you could have done different, earlier, or better while building your brand. What would it have been?

Pete: I would have to say that I wish I would have taken more risk and truly grasped my strengths. Sometimes the best advice can come from your instincts, and often we find ways to overthink them. You can’t be afraid to fail. Taking those risks are the only way to get out of your comfort zone and really progress as a person and as a brand.

EvenRights: Taking the time to cater to a primarily adult audience, what can we teach our adult audience to do in order to be examples of equality for our youth?

Pete: Making sure we all know that we are the ones feeding the culture to the youth. If we keep giving them depraved material, then we put them at a disadvantage. The change starts with us and continues to build with them.

EvenRights: Do believe in the right to bear arms & how important do you think it is to be able to do so in this day and age.

Pete: I definitely believe in the 2nd amendment. Protection of family and our rights as human beings is a necessity of life.

EvenRights: Do you think educational tutorials for police officers of equality, creativity and optimism may be able to better decision making officers are forced to make in the field.

Pete: It’s something that has to be ongoing as this is a daily task.

EvenRights: The tobacco industry is constantly frowned upon in commercials. Do you think people have a choice whether to smoke tobacco? Or do you think there's something that influences them beyond measure to even become addicted?

Pete: Honestly it comes down to strong parenting and mentoring. There is always depraved imagery in the media, and we must do what we can to let the youngsters know the truth. They’re going to follow in the footsteps of whoever they look up to. As I stated earlier, the culture we feed to them is the culture that’s going to ultimately mold them into adults.

EvenRights: How can we strengthen the curriculum of schools with more life awareness skills and strategies.

Pete: There needs to be outreach from the local music creators/engineers/publishers/ etc to the school districts in order to allow them to learn from our experiences in that school setting.

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