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EvenRights G-Maly Blog Interview

G-Maly, the motivated East Oakland music artist with an explosive tank of energy. He promotes to never say you can't, to dream and achieve with his Latest Banger, ‘Young N$%% Dream”. Feat Iamsu on the Remix. With his Bay Area creativity he inspires the youth with his hyphy attitude. We asked G-Maly his thoughts on everyone being equal. (G-Maly) “I think everybody is equal at the end of the day “ .He talks about how there is not one person that does not have a fear in the world. People are especially afraid to believe in themselves. (G-Maly) “The only way to succeed is to face those fears; force yourself out of your comfort zone”. In 2013, The bay area music artist G-Maly experienced the death of his mother. Using his creativity with music he began to scream “ForNita” in his songs in remembrance of his mother. This and his optimistic attitude has helped him power through tough times. His creativity has allowed him to become closer with his mother as he states (G-Maly) “I feel like she is listening to every song”. Being successful is not about spending the most money, but to be creative and use what you already have. (G-Maly) “take what you got and make the best of it , and be creative as hell with it”.


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