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EvenRights Greg Stewart

Creativity in physical fitness, optimism during quarantines. Staying active is a way of life for Greg Stewart. Sometimes it’s safe to say nothing is impossible. With a tenacious and motivated attitude as exemplified by Greg continues to be shown. 30 years of age Greg continues to go further in his mogul mindset, characterizing himself as an upstanding, determined man from Oakland CA.

As we went through the process of gathering content we had Greg answer some questions.

EvenRights: How do you feel creativity and optimism is important to our generation?

Greg: I’m deeply passionate about creativity, especially when it comes to our youth. This generation needs more outlets to express themselves. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach out to the youth and give them one of those outlets.

Over time Greg has had to mold himself into who he wanted to be . It’s interesting to see how comfortable he is with wearing so many hats .

EvenRights: How have you overcome any trials and tribulations using creativity and optimism?

Greg: As a student at the Academy of Arts, I quickly learned how to tap into my creativity and expand my imagination due to the hands-on nature of the school. I majored in communication and learned to shoot, edit, and share my own videos. As optimistic as I was, it was challenging to adapt to not only shooting the videos, but actually being on camera myself. I truly believe taking these classes taught me to develop my creative thinking process.