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EvenRights Breeanna Decker wright up

Breeanna decker in our latest Black History Month T-Shirt.

Breeanna Decker In Our latest Black History T-Shirt. At the age of twenty four, most people are still trying to figure out who they are and how they are going to make their mark on society. At the age of twenty four, Breeanna Decker has surpassed what “most people” have accomplished in their entire lives. In 2016 Breeanna graduated from the University of San Francisco with a masters in Public Affairs however she has been using her skills and knowledge to help the youth for many years. Breeanna has a passion for youth and education and has become an advocate for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Currently, Breeanna is working for a well-known community based intermediary, Urban Strategies Council. Previously, Breeanna has interned for Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson as well as Oakland CIty Councilmember Lynette McElhaney.

EvenRights - How do you feel promoting creativity and Optimism can have a positive change in today's generation?

Breeanna Decker - “Society has made us to feel as though we don't have choices, like we must accept everything that is presented to as the only reality. I beg to differ. Being optimistic and creative are conscious choices that can lead to the positive changes. Promoting optimism and creativity gives us more power to no longer accept what we are fed and to direct impact change.”

EvenRights - EvenRights promotes creativity and optimism being an owner of a brand how hard is it to remain creative and optimistic?

Breeanna Decker - “Everything that is worth something comes with a challenge. It is not hard to remain optimistic and creative when it is a lifestyle. In all I do I strive to be optimistic and different, I.e. creative.”