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Engineer Alex Platt, better known as Plizzy.

Alex Platt, better known as audio engineer Plizzy, has yet to reach the peak of his engineering career. Plizzy has experience working with a variety of artist and ensures the artist's musical needs and desires are always met. A sound engineer, is someone who works on the technical aspects of a recording. Plizzy’s first start in music was through instruments in middle school. He played the trumpet, bass guitar and drums to name a few. Plizzy always thought he wanted to record music. His father, Gary Platt founder of both Expression College for Digital Arts and All Bay Music Studios, has been a huge influence on his career. Over time, Plizzy realized that he liked working on the back end aspect of a recording, rather than being the artist on the track. He “decided to try it and become the best at it” Plizzy also has said that he would “rather be a part of 100 people’s career as an engineer.” Plizzy uses the analogy that music can be related to photography, to take a picture is similar to recording a track, and to use photoshop on that photo is similar to having an engineer work on a track.

The journey that Plizzy has taken to get to this point in his life, has been very unconventional but also very rewarding. After graduating high school, Plizzy enrolled in SF State for business and graduated in 2014. Shortly after that he opened a Cannabis Extract Company with a friend of his. The company has only been active for about a year but has already been highly successful. The company, MyChron, specializes in cold water hash extracts and Plizzy’s business partner works on the scientific aspects of the business. Plizzy is an entrepreneur on many levels, he realized that his life plan included engineering and selling Cannabis and that is exactly what he is doing. He also realized that the music industry and Cannabis industry and very well connected. Both industries go hand in hand and networking at the studios has allowed Plizzy to grow his Cannabis company. If these two business ventures weren't already enough, what if I tell you he also owns a clothing company?

Plizzy has been working at All Bay Music Studios for many years and he has helped build the studio and shape what it has become. All Bay Music Studios is a place where people can come together. All Bay is located in the hub of the Bay Area. It does not matter where you come from everything is about the music and the vibe. Plizzy “i love surround myself with people who actually believe they are going to make it.” All Bay has a very positive feel to it, you can feel the magic being created. Plizzy says that he has a “better ear engineering than playing.” You can tell when speaking with him that his passion for engineering and music in general is unimaginable. He truly loves what he does, and he looks forward to the next project and next collaboration. When working with an artist, Plizzy always makes sure the artists, style, wants and desires are clearly heard in the track.

While Plizzy got his start at All Bay Music Studios, it is not the only studio you will find him in. A few months back he was fortunate enough to catch the attention of Bay Area Music Engineer, “Exclusive” who is the founder of Oscillation Studios and Stoop Kids Music Group. “Exclusive” has asked Plizzy to come on board as an Engineer to work with new clients and build up his archived works. Working with “Exclusive” has been a process, but one that Plizzy is glad to be a part of. Plizzy understands that working with people like Exclusive is the next step in his career. Making a name for himself and working with new artists will only help his future. On top of this new venture, Plizzy will also begin teaching at his dad’s new school, Platt Academy. He has a very hands on approach to teaching, which allows for more organic learning.

Plizzy is currently being managed by EvenRights Management. He was first introduced to EvenRights through Co-Founder Crystal Florida, and President Laron Bailey. Plizzy recalls first meeting Laron and the two spending hours talking about music, life and really connecting.

EvenRights takes pride in ensuring that Plizzy has maximum management support at all times. EvenRights Publicist, Cathrine Handlin is in charge of scheduling and keeping Plizzy's calendar organized and functional. The relationship between Plizzy and EvenRights is cohesive and smooth flowing, which allows Plizzy to focus on his art rather than his schedule. Website and blog content are worked on as a team with EvenRight's President Laron Bailey being the brains behind the operation.

On an average day, Plizzy is working from dusk till dawn on one of his many business adventures. He believes that music is therapy and it heals him from the stresses of life. When he steps into the studio, he is just an artist making music. Plizzy likes the idea of being able to support himself with his talents and one day, give back to the community that gave so much to him. Plizzy has a very mature realization that not everyone is going to like you or your work, everything is an acquired taste. He says that “my food might be too salty for you but just right for me.” Plizzy is constantly working, and says that a project is never really finished you can always find little things to change. Over the years, Plizzy has had an opportunity to work in multiple aspects of music, he’s a musician, he’s an artist, but now he is focusing on being an engineer, and one day...Executive Producer.

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