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There's no room for doubt.

"Atiya Owens" the 30 year old San Francisco resident and her business brand " Ms.Supper Cosmo" as a beautician has been a great asset to our EvenRights Lauren Lee Collaboration. Her work as a professional beautician has pushed her to understanding how having a positive, equality and creative mindset in life can benefit you financially as well as mentally .

"Today's generation seems to be okay with whatever the trends are and not really that interested in setting them. By promoting creativity and optimism about life/art people can become more happy and when you're happy you smile more".

Even rights promotes creativity and Optimism being an owner of a brand how hard is it to remain creative and optimistic?

"Nothing is built overnight. There is this unseen process of ups, downs, stagnant moments, etc that happens with all brands during the growth phase. I understand the process and look forward to my brand's growth".

Last min changes in our schedule did not allow us to be fully prepared for a new hairstylist for the EvenRights Lauren Lee Collaboration "Ms. Supper Cosmo "was more than extraordinary . The team made this collaboration an exciting and magical experience. When calling on Ms Supper Cossmo's exportise last minute she was at attention and in formation along with the rest of the team. Photographer's production team Milly M, Adam Nesheim, Nathan Oliveria and East Bay Studios .

What are your thoughts on everyone being equal with creativity & optimism but being afraid to believe in them self? Adding, what would you tell someone asking you for advise on this situation?

"We can not be afraid to believe in ourselves, your spark deserves to shine. My advice is to not be afraid to look at yourself and know yourself. To understand you can live doing what makes you happy or live dreaming about doing what makes you happy".

"My creativity has made me better for myself because in order to put a plan in motion you need a start and a finish. You have to be able to see it, to visualize it. Doubt. You know those questions. Am I good enough? Will they like me? I had to remember to believe in me. We are all original and individually we all have something to offer".

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