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Dj Shellheart Whats life without a beat ?

The Orlando shooting with mass casualties after gun man opens fire in gay nightclub will leave us no choice but to do whatever we can to make a difference . Choosing to promote equality creativity and optimism to make a difference to come up with a solution is the only way we will be doing our part, "producing any solution" is a solution .

"Coming from a female's perspective and position I am in,

I feel that sending the message of positivity and striving for your goals regardless of your circumstances, is a much happier and brighter view point than what this generation is used to."

Its always good running into Dj Shellheart , she has a powerful, positive, charismatic attitude which ignites her creativity . The bisexual 25 year old DJ from Richmond Ca, attended Berkeley High school before attending Laney College.

"I can testify to once being afraid told I won't amount to anything, and I remained positive and found my passion and that is to be a DJ.

Even when I feel like no one is supportive , I was always told to give the people what they want and if you put out good energy or products, you receive that positive feedback.

I believe that everyone has a purpose on earth."

Shellhart is well familiar with the Bay Area music scene doing collaboration events compilations and Etc.with Bay Area Heavy hitters , Symba, Rbcbugzy , Rexxliferaj & Female Flame artist KayBellz.

What struggles have you gone through in life where your optimistic attitude made you power through tough times?

" ​My "life" has been a struggle, I've bounced from house to house, not having the support of family and 'friends', going days without eating, just being at my lowest. I've always told myself to remain POSITIVE. I always kept a smile on my face and never showed what was really my struggle. I always had HEART and stayed hungry and wanting more for myself. Now I am in a better place in my life then anybody thought I would be and people show me love now, who didn't back then. I just remained myself and now look at me!"

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