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"Learning how to mix was difficult because i had no technical background in music however, my dream of possessing a grammy and oscar motivated me to follow the steps laid to me by my mentors " The 23 year old Bay Area engineer "Jabari Akil" has a powerful vision of his life's goals and beliefs, misunderstood in the life of Bari as he would say .

How do you feel you're creativity has driven you to be not only a better person for yourself but for those who look up to you? It was my only option after growing up with an intense passion for listening to music and enjoying the best films. Jabari is EvenRights Newest edition under project management along with his Co Engineer Alex Platt. Together they are a unstoppable force with equality , creativity and optimism on their side .

To make it easy to believe in yourself make a list of things that you want to happen in your life, his responds to what are your thoughts on everyone being equal with creativity & optimism but being afraid to believe in His/her self.

The young EvenRights Oakland Ca representative is well rounded with production education at The Berkley Community Media Center . How do you feel promoting creativity and Optimism can have a positive change in today's generation? Creativity needs to become the focal point in US education for this country to compete against the planet’s other power countries. In addition, optimism will be a key component in achieving any goal, no matter the greatness. EvenRights promotes creativity and Optimism being a engineer and in tv media production how hard is it to remain creative and optimistic?

Not hard, it just takes conditioning and faith, like all things.

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any business inquiries , availability or and any awareness of EvenRights management roster.

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