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Lauren Lee EvenRights Collaboration

EvenRights was honored to capture "Lauren Lee's" latest designs styled on model Dijionae Parmer. Hair Styling by Atiya Owens and photography by EvenRights Media team members , Milly M, Adam Nesheim and Nathan Oliveira.

“Creativity brings so much happiness for me” said’s Lauren Lee the 21 Year old fashion designer. “It helps me give people their originality bringing their imagined outfits to life. Lauren is designing an athletic windbreaker jacket for Treaven Duffy, EvenRights Officer position 2, expected to release September 5th.

"I definitely believe that creativity and optimism is already changing our generation. There are so many things that are happening today that we never thought could happen and it's all because of positive thinking and optimistic attitudes". Lauren has a positive and professional personality which gives off an incredible energy . "We all have the power to do positive and great things…. you choose". EvenRights promotes the importance to be the you that you were created to be . Even under pressure, doubt and your insecurities. Lauren expresses to "Never be afraid to be yourself. Those gifts were given to you for a reason. I used to be afraid to do things but you can't be afraid anymore. You have to grab that fear and turn it into the unimaginable"

Lauren’s creativity drives her to be disciplined and organized .EvenRights , promoting equality, creativity, and optimism. We can all be great.

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