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Taylor Swift is not only a superstar singer and actress but is also a humanitarian. She takes the term humanitarian to a completely different level and shows people what it is like to be truly selfless. From the beginning of her career, Taylor’s fans have always been close to her heart. She values those fans that have stuck by her throughout her career. Being an artist that made a drastic musical switch midst her career and maintained her high level of celebrity shows how truly popular she is.

In recent years Taylor has reached a new level of fame and not for her vocal abilities but rather for her kindhearted gestures that she makes to her fans and those in need. She is often seen looking at fans social media sites and responding to those people whom are going through hardships or need a little spirit in their lives. This past Christmas, or “Swiftmas” as it became known, Taylor found deserving fans on social media site Tumblr and sent them huge packages of gifts for the holidays. These gifts were not only hand picked by Taylor along her world tour but also accompanied with handwritten notes. This is only one example of the humanitarian work that Taylor has done for her fans. It is very rare to go through a week without hearing about Taylor’s generosity to her fans, her community, and her country. If other celebrities took note of Taylor’s kind heart and applied it to their lives the world would be a much better place.

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