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While we go through our life journeys, many of us get caught up in our own lives that we lose sight of the struggles other people around us face. It’s important that we remember where we came from and that if we can help, we should. Ellen DeGeneres takes advantage of being a talk show host by spreading positivity to her audience in the studio and viewers at home. She recently brought awareness to anti-bullying through creating a PSA and titling it “Be Kind.” Not only that, but she’s always encouraging her viewers to stand up for what they believe in and donate to causes that touch them and if they don’t have the means to financially donate, she encourages them to actively donate their time to DO something to make a difference. Not all of us happen to have access to a talk show, such as Ellen, but we have the ability to go through our neighborhoods and put together events to bring people closer, get a group of friends and spend a day cooking meals for the homeless. Greatness comes in many forms, but I believe the most everlasting is through sharing the brightness in our hearts with those who may feel as though they’re walking through the shadows.

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