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I’m sure that as kids, all of us heard the sayings, “Dreams do come true” and “Anything is possible, if you believe it you can achieve it.” How many of us actually apply them though? How many of us fail, but get up and try again until we succeed? Take a look at Michael Jordan for example. He tried out for the varsity basketball team his sophomore year, but standing at 5’11” he didn’t make the cuts being told he was too small to play at that level. Having both played and coached high school basketball, I’ve seen many kids who didn’t make varsity, but were unable to use it as motivation to work harder and strive for greatness. Who knew that the kid who didn’t make the varsity team would eventually become the greatest basketball player of all time? Michael Jordan showed the world that if you set goals for yourself and work hard enough to achieve them, that eventually you will do just that and even go beyond where you originally saw yourself reaching. Life is all about self-determination, if you want it go after it. Don’t let any bumps in the road stop you from reaching your destination.

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