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EvenRights DJ ASAP Blog Interview

Heard you got the plug ASAP, give us some game


“You have to know going in that there will be people who do not believe in you, or what you do. Why worry about them?...Don't!

Look for the people who do, because they will make the people around them believers.”

DJ ASAP speaks out about how important it is to believe in yourself, we all have the right to be great. How do you feel creativity has driven you, to not only be a better person for yourself, but for the ones who look up to you?

“Being Creative is 100% self intentional, meaning no one can be creative for you. It is You. Any success that comes from it only reinforces the creativity within the people that follow you.”

What struggles have you gone through in life, that made you use your optimistic attitude and creativity to power through tough times?

“From losing jobs, relationships, material items all at the same time. Knowing that you worked hard for all of them. Once you get to the bottom, it’s like a breathe of fresh air. You don't realize it while you’re falling but once you’re there, you notice that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Jobs come and go, just like relationships, items, and money.”

Anytime you're thinking of giving up, anytime you have a doubt about doing what got you your original success because of insecurities remember, in the words of DJ ASAP, “Going through struggles are like spices in a kitchen they only give you flavor”.

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